mandag den 15. februar 2010

jan feb

Hi you all. These are pictures from Jan and Feb this year. We have been visiting Ingileif on the country side in a beautiful snow weather. It has been very cold here in Copenhagen this winter, the coldest one in 32 years. We went to visit Charlotte our friend to meet her little wonderful son that is just brand new. We had a visit from Brazil when my friend Alexandre came on his trip to Europe. I had to show him the nightlife of Copenhagen with some friends in the freezeing cold and it was nice to go out a bit...we had a lot of laughs and even walked on water of course ;) We had fastelavn here in Denmark and Gabríel was going to the kindergarten as Winnie the pooh and was very happy about being he says a bear in icelandic He is talking alot these days in icelandic and danish and every day there is a new word coming to his vocabulary..:)We went to Helsingborg to meet Pétur and Lena and Ari, Ulrika, Martha and the newest cousin Vigdís. She is so the rest of the family and it was great to meet them all. Gabríel Noor has been sick alot since this year started but he is very calm about that and it is great to be a student when you can stay at home with your sick child..he is feeling much better now, building with Legos and loving to make dinner for mum with his toys ;) We have been very lucky to have our friend Kristine and little Mathias Luca near by to eat dinner together and take walks in the cold weather, when it´s not too cold of course Think this is it for now..please comment if you can :) hugs..and sorry this is in english now...i am lazy and am not writing in icelandic this time :)

mandag den 1. februar 2010

Let it snow :)

Hej here are some new pictures from january. We have alot of snow and nice weather :) hugs