torsdag den 17. september 2009

Herra Marblettur - Mr bluemark

Hi all
Here are some pictures of us from this month. Gabríel Noor is great helping mum with doing stuff in the house like coocking and cleaning :) He is collecting blue marks and has at the moment two on his from home and one from the daycare...this is how it is when you are almost two trying to go around in the world :)
I have started Uni again and am having 4 to 6 lectures a week which is a lot with all the reading and project work. The lectures are over in 5 weeks and then there is project work mainly.....but it´s fun and i´m enjoying myself which is important...I am still teaching icelandic which is great aswell on saturdays...hugs and kisses
p.s Please please sign that you have been on the site...just so i see if someone is looking