fredag den 30. november 2012

Smá test

Langar að prófa að nota þessu síðu aftur. Sjáum hvort það tekst.

mandag den 14. marts 2011

On a big bike for the first time :)

Adventures in jan, feb and march :)

We have had some great things to do since we came back from Iceland. We have been visiting Ingileif, Michael, Júlíus and little Ulrik. We had a visit from Ellert, Sabrina, Lilja and little Sóley. We slept at the house of Nói, Ingibjörg, Niclas and little Leo :) Peter from the Kindergarten and his mum and little brother Jacob came for pancakes and Lasagna one day :) "Fastelavn, öskudagur" was in March and Gabríel was dressed up as a lion on that occation. We also had a party here at home with our friends where Helga Stina was a dangerous pirot, Gabriel was a lion, Kristine was a belly dancer, Mathias was a native Guatemalan, Marie was a movie star, Stine was a trold and Peter was a protector (don´t know the real name) :) This weekend we also met Skoppa and Skrý the theater..they were so nice and welcoming and we took a lot of pictures and Gabriel gave them some drawings he made especially for them :) Then he invited them for sushi but they had to go back to Iceland and didn´t have time this time :) Helga Stina went to a concert with a great band called The Vaccines..and we visited Meinhild and Stefan :)Enjoy the pictures :)